Action Items for Primary Care Providers


Steps for providers

1.      Screen all people at risk for hepatitis C infection, including baby boomers and anyone with history of blood exposure (e.g., medical exposures) or intranasal or injection rug use. Testing Algorithm

2.      Conduct RNA confirmatory testing on all people who screen hepatitis C antibody positive.

3.      Implement reflex RNA testing. Automatic confirmatory reflex testing is available from all major laboratories. Call your lab for specific ordering and specimen requirements.

4.      Link to care. People who are found to be infected with hepatitis C should be linked to care immediately. For help finding referrals for your patients, visit the Louisiana Health Hub at

5.      Develop hepatitis C clinical care capacity. Review the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) guidelines (

6.      Evaluate and treat hepatitis C in all infected patients, including people who use drugs.

7.      Screen cirrhotic patients for liver cancer according to AASLD guidelines, even after they have been cured of hepatitis C.

8.      Provide reinfection prevention education and support. See patient educational materials and visit to connect people to reinfection prevention services such as harm reduction and syringe exchange programs.